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TheRe aRe AnGels
Singing SuperBitch
since 3.11.72

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VooDoo Girl

we have a choice ...
the arts are my chosen path ...
my life is what I create ..
the act of believing is where I believe the magic is ...
everyday is a suprize ...
the more we give the more we have ..
we're all here for each other ..
as far as i can tell .. when we come to the end of our lives .. every moment that we've spent has become equally important ...
it's always a new adventure ... VooDoo Girl ...

VooDoo Girl emanates from New York and North Hollywood,
Los Angeles being her home and her creative hub for all the many arts that she dabbles in
VooDoo Girl is a mult-instrumentalist -
guitar, bass, piano, and harmonica ..
she has been writing songs since she could talk!

U can cOntact VooDoo Girl
about SuperBitch
or any other GREAT VooDoo sOng
jUst cLicK On
!!!..aNd sTarT wriTing ...!!!

!!..VooDoo WILL reply tO ALL..!!
Santa Monica, CA
United States

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a SuperBitch:
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gOd bLeSS tHe cHiLD thAt's gOt hEr Own..
...Billi Holiday ...

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Taoism on the Neglected Art of Keeping it Simple:
As to dwelling, live near the ground.
As to thinking, hold to that which is simple.
As to conflict, pursue fairness and generosity.
As to governance, do not attempt to control.
As to work, do that which you like doing.
As to family life, be fully present.
---Tao Te Ching___

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